Compassionate Advocacy And
Steadfast Representation For You In Sensitive Family Matters

A Dedicated Michigan Family Law Attorney On Your Side

Allow me to introduce my family law practice. As a lawyer devoted to families, I have proudly served the Grosse Pointe Farms community for over a decade. I am attorney Dana Constand, with ten years of experience in family law. I guide clients through the intricate nuances of divorce and child-related issues such as paternity actions and adoption applications for countless individuals and families.

At Family Focus Law, I focus on areas of the law that directly impact family life, striving to provide comprehensive support and guidance through even the most complex legal matters, including guardianships and probate and estate administration.

Compassionate Representation For Every Family

When you choose Family Focus Law, you will not be known as just another case file; I recognize that you’re a valued member of our community seeking understanding and resolution during challenging times related to:

  • Divorce
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and visitation (parenting time)
  • Child support
  • Relocation with a minor child
  • Post-judgment enforcement and modifications
  • Domestic violence and protective orders

Whether you’re a young couple considering adoption, a parent navigating custody disputes or a family seeking legal protection through the probate process, my goal is to provide you with the individualized attention and skills necessary to achieve favorable outcomes.

  • My clients come from diverse backgrounds, ranging from middle-class families to high-class individuals, reflecting the broad spectrum of families in our community.
  • I pride myself on being approachable and welcoming, fostering an environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their concerns and fears openly.
  • With a commitment to advocacy and a track record of success, I work tirelessly to protect my clients’ rights and interests, ensuring they receive the representation they deserve.

Family law matters can be emotionally taxing, but rest assured that I will approach you with compassion, empathy, and dedication to making you feel heard and supported.

Your Family’s Next Chapters Start Here

If you’re facing a family law matter or need assistance with any legal issue affecting your family, such as probate administration, I invite you to take the first step toward resolution by contacting Family Focus Law today. With personalized attention and unwavering dedication, I’m here to guide you through our family law processes, supporting you and delivering the results you need.

To schedule a consultation, please complete our online form or call 313-749-9082. Let Family Focus Law be your trusted partner in navigating life’s legal challenges. Together, we’ll develop and implement the strategies you are looking for to ensure a bright future for you and your family as you go through a divorce or any family law matter..