Compassionate Advocacy And
Steadfast Representation For You In Sensitive Family Matters


Considerate lawyer

I hired Dana as my lawyer for my divorce. She was very understanding and considerate of my wants and needs in my case. I would highly recommend her.

– Rosie

Macomb County Attorney

I had the pleasure of working with Dana when I practiced family law. Not only did I witness firsthand how hard Dana worked for her clients, but also saw her genuine and compassionate concern for the well-being of her clients and their children. In the area of family law an attorney must possess integrity and values. Dana goes above and beyond these attributes and is a fine example of the kind of attorney this profession needs.

– Stacey


I felt comfortable opening up to her. She was an excellent listener and did not charge for unnecessary charges. I would recommend her to anyone.

– D. Delaney

Awesome Attorney!


Dana was a voice to be heard and words when I had none… she was an advocate on my behalf and an amazing attorney who I would highly recommend.

– Dianne


Very Good Attorney


Dana Constand was very understanding during the whole divorce process. I feel like she really listened and truly cared about the outcome for my family. She was fair and honest, and showed integrity. She wanted to protect me and my kids. I liked the way she handled everything, and she was good in front of the judge.

– Laura


Yes, would recommend!

Ms. Constand explained the process and was very trustworthy. She let me know what to expect, how long the divorce would take, and what it would cost. I feel like she was fair and honest, but still very strong in what I should do. I like that she was concerned and compassionate for me personally, but also very knowledgeable about the laws and what could be done from a legal perspective. I have already recommended her to my brother.

– Anonymous

Great Attorney!

Dana was an excellent advocate for me and my children. She took on my case after my divorce from an emotionally abusive husband and helped me throughout the drama and anxiety my ex was causing for and with my children. She is very personable and compassionate, yet thorough. She was accessible and got back to me quickly either through phone or email.

– Chris